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Through the years we at BellWest America have utilized the services of several collection agencies. By a great margin Rauch Milliken has been the best. They are consummate professionals, diligent in pursuit, accurate in record keeping and always quick to respond to our needs. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Richard Engle
BellWest America

We at RiceTec, Inc. have employed the services of Rauch-Milliken International, Inc. for their assistance in collection of past due accounts for about two years. The industry that we work in is agriculturally  related, which in recent years has been particularly sensitive to the current recessionary economic situation. We work our past due accounts as aggressively as we can internally, but when we turn the accounts over to Ranch-Milliken, we do so in full confidence in their ability to succeed in additional collection results.


In the midst of the challenges in the economic environment the country is currently experiencing, we have found that all of the Rauch-Milliken staff members who have worked with our customers have presented themselves professionally and have yielded results that have exceeded our expectations. We do not hesitate to recommend Rauch-Milliken’s services to those in need of past due collection efforts.

Alan Lebsock
RiceTec, Inc.

My name is David DeCastro and I am the Credit Manager at the Fort Worth Star Telegram in Ft. Worth, Texas. One of my responsibilities is to manage the third party collection effort. To be honest I get calls from collection agencies all the time and that is why I am so glad that I have found one that I can truly depend on to manage our accounts both effectively and professionally at all times. Rauch-Milliken International, Inc. ( RMI ) is a full service accounts receivables management firm that has been in business since 1989. They are members in good standing of the Commercial Collection Agency Section of the Commercial Law League, The International Association of Commercial Collectors, and the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals. Knowing that RMI is accredited by all three gives me the piece of mind to further re-affirm that my decision to partner with RMI year after year is definitely beneficial to the Fort Worth Star Telegram.


There is no doubt that I would recommend RMI to any Credit Professional that is looking to increase the revenue they receive from third party collections. RMI produces outstanding results and they are certainly the best option for the Fort Worth Star Telegram. Feel free to contact me for specific details regarding RMI’s performance and more information regarding the positive impact they have had on our bottom line profits.

David DeCastro
Credit Manager
Fort Worth Star Telegram


My name is Jeanine Hammon, and I am the Director of Advertising Finance, for The Kansas City Star. I wanted to take an opportunity to give you a recommendation on the collection agency we are now using at The Star.


In February of 2007, I started using Rauch-Milliken International for collection of past due advertising accounts. Initially, using this agency was only a test to see how they would perform against the agency we had been using for several years. After the first month, the test results were so dramatic that I dropped our old agency and began using Rauch-Milliken International exclusively. Working with RMI had saved us over a half million dollars in bad debt expense by June 2007, and we ended up saving three quarters of a million dollars before the year was out. RMI’s percent of collection is averaging 55%-60%, which is truly amazing! Our old agency’s collection percentage was never much more than 30%.


Based on our experience, I would certainly recommend this collection agency to any Credit Professional looking to improve the net return on their past due A/R. I hope you will consider using them to collect your past due accounts.

Jeanine Hammon
The Kansas City Star

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