At RMI our philosophy has always been that we treat the customers we are trying to collect from with respect, while remaining firm but fair, in regard to accomplishing the task at hand. We have invested in the most modern tools available to monitor and record every customer conversation in order to protect our clients’ interests at all times. The fact is that we represent some of the largest and most respected corporations in the world. Our clients tell us that the peace of mind they have by knowing that they can listen to any conversation we have with their customer is a main reason they continue to rely on our service year after year.

RMI is confident in the fact that we conduct ourselves ethically and professionally at all times. The nature of our business is such that we sometimes have to interact with customers that are prone to engage in any tactic to delay payment, including filing frivolous lawsuits and making false accusations. These risks decrease dramatically when the customer knows that EVERY conversation is being recorded. Many of our competitors choose not to maintain records of customer conversations because of the significant time and expense involved with maintaining such a recording system. RMI has made the decision to invest in call monitoring because it is our sincere belief that collection results are maximized when this risk is eliminated.

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