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Commercial & Business Debt Collection Agency Services

RMI understands that your business is unique. That’s why the approach we take is determined by you, the client. From the most customer-conscious environment, to a demanding final approach, our staff of professionals adapt to any required approach. Our international commercial debt collection services maximize recovery rates on commercial bad debt and to ensure that you receive the highest return on every dollar placed with us.

International Debt Collection Agency Resources

We have successfully collected delinquent A/R assignments in more than 125 countries since we opened our doors back in 1989. Our longstanding strategic partnerships with attorneys and private investigator networks around the globe make RMI the smart choice to meet your international receivables management challenges.

Many of our clients have done business internationally for years. Those clients that have international claims enjoy the convenience of placing those claims just as they would domestic claims through RMI. We employ a multi-lingual staff of recovery specialists including a fully supported software system tailored to foreign collection letters, email demands, and current customs regarding the pursuit of debt in different countries and cultures.

RMI has recovered debt in over 125 foreign countries and is capable of filing suit on your behalf all over the world. To be the most effective solution provider for recovering debt throughout the world, RMI has developed a network of reliable, knowledgeable global alliances and resources.

Domestic Debt Collection Agency Solutions

Debt collection in your home market: we are well informed

Appropriate professional relationships and dialogue with debtors is the basis for successful debt collection. That is why we have created a culture of motivated and courteous staff ensuring we maximize our chances of success for you.

Telephone contact can often be the most effective method of collecting funds. Our success ensures your business continues its success with minimized impact to your cash flow.

RMI has a comprehensive and proprietary database, which we use for debt collection. This database means your customers are already well-known to us making debt collection much more effective.

Traditional Commercial Debt Recovery Solutions

As a third party collection agency, RMI acts on behalf of our clients to recover the maximum amount of delinquent A/R revenue efficiently and courteously.

RMI employs an innovative and efficient Off-Site Network to create an accounts receivable management and recovery system tailored to the needs of each client. Dedicated representatives handle each account from start to finish, and accounts are continuously audited ensuring that the appropriate efforts are executed and the adequate time is given for maximum recovery.

Our extensive network of third party collections specialists maximize returns by targeting the most productive portfolios, and resolve customer satisfaction issues through prompt and courteous customer service.

Other features of our third party recovery services include:

• Fast Action – Collection efforts typically begin within 1 hour

• Dedicated representative assigned to each account from placement to closure

• Account processed with the most effective, manageable and efficient methods based on debt volume

• Inventories audited for appropriate compliance to standards

• Call quality continually reviewed for consistency, thoroughness and conformity to standards

• Accounts managed in compliance with applicable state and local regulations

RMI Copyright Collection Services

The RMI Copyright Collection Services is designed to recover the maximum percentage of delinquent A/R revenue for our clients in the shortest period of time, by providing the staffing and all associated resources necessary to address any volume of outsourced receivables inventory.

Comprehensive training, on-site assistance, custom reports, and detailed analysis allow you to allocate your staff and resources to the most productive portfolios. Our courteous and prompt customer services will also enable you to identify, quantify and resolve problems with customer satisfaction.

Inventory Review

RMI utilizes several of the largest databases for transaction data processing. Should there be a need for inventory review and evaluation (i.e. bankruptcy, skip-tracing), RMI can provide a timely and thorough assessment with the necessary reporting to make the appropriate inventory review.

Free Demand Letter Service / First Party

Our clients save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in collection fees by using our Free Demand Letter Service. Upon request, RMI will generate a free demand letter on ANY OR ALL accounts prior to placement. From a 72-hour fax or email demand letter to a 5, 10, or 20 day demand letter via mail, many customers will pay just because they received our customized demand letters. This will allow your customer one final opportunity to pay their debt amicably.

If the customer pays within the specified period in the demand letter, there are no fees due to RMI. This demand letter service is provided as a courtesy to our clients, and has proven to be extremely valuable in determining which customers are trying to pay their debt and which customers should be placed in collections.

Full Skip Tracing Capabilities

Skip tracing is a key part of any successful receivables management organization, essential in locating responsible parties & properly making demand.

RMI utilizes a team of highly-trained specialists armed with the most technologically advanced resources to locate customers that have skipped from their last known addresses. This feature is part of our service and is performed at no additional cost to our clients. Skip tracing is a key part of any successful receivables management organization as it is essential to locate responsible parties in order to properly make demand.

Hidden Asset Location

Doing our homework provides the intelligence, essential and necessary for the evaluation of the viability of a claim, the importance of this element in the collection process cannot be underestimated. Although skip-tracing and hidden asset location are separate in their function and goals, they are inter-related insofar as they require resourceful investigative work. We are sensitive to this need, and that is why we give special consideration as to the screening and hiring of our personnel in these related departments. Capitalizing on their intuitive skills, is as important, if not more, than methods employed. The skip-tracing of individuals and the locating of assets is a science. The use of resources, ranging from phone books to state of the art data base technologies and the ability to analyze this data from the information provided, result in factual conclusions, and this perhaps is one of the most interesting aspects of our business.

Business Credit Reports

Many of our clients have expressed an increasing interest in the business credit report aspect of our service. Our investigative division provides an extremely detailed report at a very reasonable cost. Many areas of any particular business are included in our business credit reports. Please note some of the most popular features:

• Bankruptcy Searches

• Liens & Judgments Search

• Corporate Filings

• UCC-1 Filings

DebtMaster Payment History Review

At RMI, we utilize intelligent technology solutions designed to accelerate the results, which impact your financial return. At the core of our technological infrastructure is our proprietary system DebtMaster. Our secure technology environment is built upon the stable Microsoft .NET platform. Our system allows us to evaluate risk, track account activity and perform productive collection results across our entire client base.

DebtMaster analyzes past debtor behavior with the client, as well as other credit information, to determine which debtors have the ability and willingness to pay. DebtMaster also identifies possible payment methods and best contact techniques.

Our experienced IT staff has all of the tools necessary to develop the most complex connectivity interfaces to connect your business to ours. As technology changes, we are continually adding new methods of connection that will allow the best interaction with our client base.

DebtMaster has significantly enhanced RMI’s ability to identify accounts with a high probability of repayment.

Full Service Legal Department

RMI works through organizations such as CLLA, General Bar, and Columbia List that provide attorneys specializing in debt recovery from every country. We are additionally supported by experienced Legal experts who know the specific trade of our clients and the legal intricacies of the countries involved.

RMI is also associated with a worldwide network of Investigators and Recovery Specialists who provide assistance with determining location, assisting in making contact and securing assets.

Legal Outsourcing

There are times when no amount of pressure and effort short of litigation can achieve payment. When litigation is required, RMI forwards the matter to local attorneys who are bonded and specialists in collection matters, and then oversees the litigation. The ability of in-house counsel to work with the local attorney, including careful oversight and strategy collaboration assures the best results possible for our clients.

In the event RMI is not able to motivate your customer to satisfy its past due balance, we will forward any claim in excess of $1,500.00 to a certified commercial collection attorney in the debtor’s jurisdiction for further pursuit. The attorney will make demand and provide, at no additional cost, his or her professional written opinion regarding whether or not obtaining a judgment would be the best way to recover the balance due. While the standard rate for the attorney is one-third (1/3) of what is collected, your up-front costs are limited to filing fees and court costs. Lawsuits will be filed only with your authorization.

Free Final Demand Letter

We provide a Free Final Demand Letter which warns the customer that they have one last chance to pay their bill before the matter is placed for collection with RMI. The knowledge that their account is about to go to a collection agency frequently motivates customers to make payment. Typically customers are given 10 days to respond to the final demand, after which RMI commences collection efforts. There is no charge to you for using our Free Final Demand service and no fee is due to us for payments made during the final demand period. Free Final Demands can be requested on line, via fax, or by mail.

Accounts Receivable Services

RMI offers comprehensive and customizable accounts receivable solutions through our Copyright Collection Services program.

Our innovative accounts receivable management approach provides clients with a team proficient in customer retention, accounts receivable recovery, reconciliation, financial qualification and account management to bring accounts current quickly, while maintaining positive customer relationships.

We also create a customized communication network to produce the necessary reports, communications and systems integrations for tracking our progress throughout each campaign. Timing, degree of detail, and communication distribution methods are all individualized to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Transaction Data Processing

RMI offers a flexible transaction data process to make settling outstanding receivables and closing accounts easy and efficient. We can process a variety of payments, including checks, credit cards, ACH drafts and Global Wire Transfers, as well as secure online Western Union transfers.

Accurate account updating of financial information between client and agency is an essential component of RMI transaction data process. Our “open systems” can batch process any structured information you provide in your format of preference. Data is always synchronized so that our agents have the most current information available at all times.


RMI provides a host of training programs designed to assist our clients and their staff with additional insight and understanding of commercial debt collection, and the techniques involved. The training agenda is designed to meet our clients’ requirements and timing for a mutually-beneficial experience.

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